Month: April 2012

eon 11-s

Clevo W110ER Fills 11-inch Gap Left by M11x

Some were undoubtedly disappointed when the news came that Alienware is discontinuing its ‘gaming netbook’, the M11x. Luckily there is still hope for anyone looking for a really small gaming laptop, thanks to the brand new Clevo W110ER. It basically...

/ April 30, 2012
cryo e40

Clever Laptop Cooler with Movable Fans

A good cooling stand is probably the most important accessory for gaming laptops–even if you don’t dabble in overclocking, a high-end machine gets really hot when you play games on it. There are plenty of laptop coolers on the market...

/ April 27, 2012

Killer Gaming Wi-Fi Modules Updated

The wireless card is something where a lot of manufacturers make cutbacks, which is really unfortunate considering the comparatively small price premium to get a ‘Killer’ card instead of one of the usual dime-a-dozen Intel modules (not counting Intel’s rather...

/ April 25, 2012
amd 7000m series

AMD Takes Lid Off HD 7000M Series

Dell released the new Alienware lineup a bit earlier than expected, and so we learned that the M17x came with an option for a still rather mysterious AMD Radeon HD 7970M.

/ April 24, 2012
mobile cpus

Mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs are Official

Intel only releases five mobile processors in the initial batch of new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors. Conveniently enough, though, all of them are quad-core varieties that should drip feed into the latest gaming laptops real soon.

/ April 23, 2012
Alienware M18x

New Alienware Laptops Available Now

So much for the yesterday’s rumors— the new Alienware lineup is out NOW and Dell is already taking orders. The M14x R2, M17x R4 and the M18x R4 have all been given the Nvidia Kepler treatment as well as lots...

/ April 19, 2012

Alienware M18x R2 Specs Revealed (Maybe)

While not exactly on par with the Apple rumor industry, the Dell Lab blog has been on the mark before, so the rumors posted there tend to be interesting (which is usually more than you can say about the Apple...

/ April 18, 2012
amd 7000m series

Radeon HD 7690M/6770M Overclocking Experiment

The AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT found in lots of HP laptops at the moment is already an overclocked card–the HD7690M is actually an HD 6770M with a higher memory clock–so it should have been unlikely to go much further,...

/ April 17, 2012

Asus G55VW, G75VW get RAID Support

Asus has uploaded the manuals to its upcoming 15.6-inch G55VW and 17.3-inch G75VW gaming laptops – successors to the G53SX and G74SX – and they contain some interesting tidbits, including information on how to set up a RAID array.

/ April 16, 2012

New Qosmio X875 Gaming Laptops from Toshiba

Toshiba has just unveiled new laptops in the manufacturer’s high-end Qosmio lineup. The new X875 and X875 3D will come with Intel’s still-unreleased Ivy Bridge processors and a faster graphics card than their predecessors.

/ April 12, 2012