Month: March 2012

Ivy Bridge Launch Dates Confirmed

There has been much talk back and forth about delays with Intel’s next-gen Ivy Bridge platform, but now it looks like things have started to settle, with some launch dates confirmed.

/ March 29, 2012
Riva TNT

GTX 675M is Rebadged GTX 580M

…and the flagship model is just one of the mobile GPUs that Nvidia will be renaming this year.

/ March 23, 2012
asetek cooling

Liquid Cooling: The Next Big Thing?

It certainly doesn’t sound bad in theory–and the concept has been mentioned before– but so far the number of laptops with water cooling on the market has amounted to zero.

/ March 22, 2012
HP dv6t Quad Edition

Next-Gen HP dv7t, dv6t (7000 Series) Specs Listed

HP has taken the lid off some details regarding the upcoming replacements for the 15.6-inch Pavilion dv6t and the 17.3-inch dv7t. Not surprisingly, the specs include Ivy Bridge processors and a mobile Nvidia Kepler GPU in the dv7t.

/ March 20, 2012

Even Less Mediocre IGP in Intel’s Haswell

Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge processors will start to trickle out in April, but some details about the successor Haswell, due in 2013, have already surfaced. It seems that Intel continues its valiant struggle towards integrated graphics that suck slightly less.

/ March 19, 2012
battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 Laptop System Requirements Check

In case you haven’t noticed, the latest shooter from DICE/EA looks amazing, and for the same reason it’s also very demanding.

/ March 16, 2012
Riva TNT

GeForce GT 640M (Kepler) Benchmarks Available

The performance of Nvidia’s next-generation (28nm) mobile Kepler architecture is no longer a secret. Some benchmarks have surfaced for the mid-range GT 640M and they look very promising.

/ March 14, 2012
Toshiba Qosmio X870

Qosmio X870 – Toshiba’s Latest Flagship

Most laptop manufacturers – including some new and unexpected ones – have announced upcoming gaming systems based on Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform and new 28nm mobile graphics cards from Nvidia or AMD. Toshiba is also on track with a new...

/ March 11, 2012

MSI GT60 and GT70 Unveiled

A whole bunch of new laptops with Intel Ivy Bridge processors and next-gen Nvidia/AMD GPUs have been unveiled at CeBIT in Germany this week.

/ March 7, 2012

Gigabyte Announces Gaming Laptop

Gigabyte is a well-known brand in PC hardware, but so far it has mainly been motherboards, desktop graphics cards and things of that nature. Now the company is obviously planning to expand its portfolio by launching full-featured laptops, including both...

/ March 6, 2012