Month: January 2012

Nvidia Logo

Nvidia’s Next-Gen Kepler GPUs Shipping to Laptop Manufacturers

Not only is Nvidia’s latest 28nm “Kepler” GPU parts shipping to laptop manufacturers, the latest news is that it will end up in ultrabooks.

/ January 30, 2012
Kinect laptop

Kinect Coming to Laptops

Microsoft is working to bring its Kinect motion-sensing gadget to laptops. This applies to Windows 8 laptops, so it is still relatively far into the future.

/ January 27, 2012
Alienware M15x

Rumor: Alienware M14x R2, M17x R4 and M18x R2 Upcoming

A Dell rumor site that has been pretty accurate in the past has just released some alleged specs for the expected update to the current Alienware lineup. The details are sparse, but some interesting info about the potential GPUs is...

/ January 25, 2012
amd 7000m series

Nvidia ‘Positively Surprised’ by HD 7900

In an entertaining statement to Scandinavian hardware site Nordic Hardware, Nvidia said that the company “expected more from [AMD’s] new architecture”. 

/ January 24, 2012

Measure ‘Quality’ with GPU-Z 0.5.8

GPU-Z is a handy tool for looking up information on your graphics card, verify your overclocking efforts or even export the BIOS (in those rare cases when it isn’t locked, particularly in a laptop). The latest version brings some additional...

/ January 23, 2012
amd 7000m series

Update on AMD’s HD 7000M Lineup

There was ample disappointment when we figured out AMD was resorting to the old “trick” of renaming old GPUs instead of transitioning from the 40nm process to 28nm, along with the new Southern Islands architecture or Graphics Core Next (GCN).

/ January 18, 2012

The External Graphics Card Reappears: MSI GUS II

Hooking up an external graphics card to your laptop is not a new idea. What’s new with the MSI GUS II (Graphics Update System II) is that it connects over the Thunderbolt interface. No wait, that isn’t new either, this...

/ January 13, 2012

CES 2012 Gaming Laptop Roundup

Your humble correspondent it unfortunately not a CES correspondent this year, but the least we can do here is to round up the biggest gaming laptop news to comes out of the #1 consumer electronics trade show.

/ January 11, 2012
Qosmio Lid

Glasses-Free 3D Gaming Now a Reality

Toshiba has just announced that its autostereoscopic 3D laptop, the Qosmio F755 3D, is now ready for actual gaming. While glasses-free 3D in any shape or form is mostly a novelty so far, Toshiba has been bold enough to launch...

/ January 9, 2012

MSI GT783 (Also) ‘World’s Fastest Gaming Laptop’

Interestingly, there are quite a few laptops on the market right now that are the “world’s fastest gaming laptop”. You can be absolutely certain that it’s not the MSI GT783, however.

/ January 5, 2012