Month: November 2011

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Ambient Occlusion Added to Skyrim, CoD: MW3 with NVIDIA Beta Drivers

The GeForce 290.36 (beta) drivers were just released by NVIDIA for laptops and desktops alike and besides a few fixes over the previous version, the highlight is the addition of the ambient occlusion for Skyrim and Call of Duty: Modern...

/ November 29, 2011
Alienware M15x

Black Friday Gaming Laptop Deals

The best deals of the year are here, and we have meticulously sorted the wheat from the chaff in the gaming laptop segment.

/ November 24, 2011

Razer to Bring Switchblade to the Market?

Some readers no doubt remember the Switchblade–a concept 7-inch gaming netbook/handheld gaming console that Razer introduced at CES back in January. It was powered by an Intel Atom processor and an unknown graphics solution (although NVIDIA’s ION chip was pretty...

/ November 23, 2011
AMD Radeon HD 6900M

Mobile AMD Radeon HD 7000M Series Details Leaked

“Leaked” is usually something of an overstatement in these circumstances, as it often just involves someone taking a look at the “.inf” file in publicly available drivers. It is nevertheless always interesting to see what AMD and NVIDIA are up...

/ November 22, 2011

MSI GT780DX Coupon – $1,449.99

[Updated 12/22/11] The GT780DX-406US is the latest and most heavily equipped version of MSI’s 17-inch gaming rig. It comes with the latest Intel Sandy Bridge refresh–the quad-core  i7 2670QM, which operates at 2.2GHz instead of 2.0GHz in its predecessor. In Turbo...

/ November 21, 2011
Envy 17

HP Envy 15 Returns – Redesigned

The original Envy 15 was an incredibly fast 15-inch laptop when it was launched in 2009. It borrowed the MacBook Pro design put replaced the hardware with a (then) vastly more powerful 1st-gen quad-core Core i7 CPU coupled with a...

/ November 16, 2011

Skyrim Laptop Requirements – Is it Playable on Your Laptop?

If you have a laptop with integrated Intel graphics, you can pretty much forget about playing Skyrim on it with decent quality settings. It will start (we’ve tried), but no amount of tweaking will get it past very low settings...

/ November 15, 2011
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Big Price Cut on the GTX 580M

It looks like NVIDIA has finally started to see sense about the pricing on their fastest mobile GPU. So far the main competitor from AMD, the Radeon HD 6990M –one that beats the GTX 580M in a fair share of...

/ November 8, 2011
dv7t quad

Deal: $500 Off HP Pavilion Laptops

HP has just launched a coupon for Pavilion laptops configured at $1,399+ that takes $500 off the regular price tag and includes free shipping. This one might might come in handy if you have been planning on getting a high-end...

/ November 7, 2011

New C64 Kicks Performance Up a Notch

Unless Commodore USA is secretly planning to release a new version of the “portable” Commodore SX-64 (pictured below), this isn’t a laptop, but the latest version does use a mobile CPU to reach beyond the 1MHz clock speed offered by...

/ November 4, 2011