Month: October 2011

HP dv6t Quad Edition

HP Keeps PC Division

In spite of rumors to the contrary, HP is not going to sell out it’s PC division Personal Systems Group (PSG). Apparently it was up for discussion, but the company decided against it.

/ October 27, 2011

The MacBook Pro 15 is Catching up: Now More Gamer Friendly

After a brief blackout at Apple Stores worldwide, it turns out that the Macbook Pro series has been given a few upgrades. Most notably, even the “entry-level” MBP 15 has been given a better video card–the AMD HD 6750M–same one...

/ October 26, 2011

Next-Gen 28nm GPUs in Volume Production

The semiconductor manufacturer TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), with customers that include AMD and Nvidia, reveals that the company has started “volume production” of chips at 28 nanometers. These new chips are primarily intended for use in next-generation graphics processors.

/ October 25, 2011
Riva TNT

Nvidia Releases 285.62 WHQL Drivers

Everyone sitting on a laptop with an Nvidia GPU should have a look at the latest Verde notebook driver update that were released today, which brings a number of improvements to quite a few games–most notably it is recommended for...

/ October 24, 2011
msi gt683

MSI GT780DXR/GT680DXR First to Receive New Intel Chips

The only just released versions of MSI’s gaming laptop lineup with the new and more powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 570M are due for another upgrade. Intel’s halfway refresh of its Sandy Bridge (2nd-gen Core) processors will apparently find their way...

/ October 20, 2011
Nvidia 3D Vision 2

Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Backwards Compatible

Nvidia’s 3D solution is still the most popular and arguably best option for gaming, considering the extensive support for both new and older titles. Now the manufacturer has released Mk. 2 of the 3D glasses, and existing owners of 3D...

/ October 18, 2011

GTX 560M Overclocking (128-bit Version)

It’s not that it’s necessary to overclock the GTX 560M–it will run any current game at reasonable quality settings at its regular clock speed. On the other hand overclocking is fun. That said, we will put in the usual disclaimer...

/ October 14, 2011
Envy 17 3D

Envy 17 3D Coupon

UPDATED 6/3 2012: Save 33% on a custom ENVY laptop, including the latest HP Envy 17 (3D or non-3D). Includes free shipping!

/ October 12, 2011

ASUS G53SW: $799.99 [Expired]

I ran a poll a while back, asking the readers at what price they considered an “affordable gaming laptop” to actually be affordable? I set the lowest option to “below $800” thinking that this would be ridiculously cheap if it...

/ October 11, 2011

ASUS G53SX Review

The ASUS Republic of Gamers G53SX is the sequel to the G53SW and very little (if anything) has changed compared to the previous model except for the GPU, which has been upgraded from an Nvidia GTX 460M to its replacement...

/ October 10, 2011