Month: August 2011

M14x BIOS A05 Update: What’s New?

As a side note to all readers out there with an Alienware M14x, Dell has just dropped version A05 of the BIOS for their 14-inch gaming machine. There’s only one change in the new BIOS (at least in the change...

/ August 30, 2011
Nvidia Logo

Nvidia 28nm Mobile GPU Plans Revealed

Nvidia has stated that it will not be able to sell graphics chips based on 28nm technology this year, but according to some product details that have appeared online we shouldn’t have to wait very long. The graphics card manufacturer...

/ August 29, 2011
Razer Blade

Razer Blade: Delicious but Expensive Gaming Laptop

Razer has been busy building hype around a new, until Friday unannounced, product using the domain name ‘’. Now I for one had no idea that PC gaming was dying, let alone “dead”–quite the contrary; when even unlikely manufacturers like...

/ August 28, 2011
LG A530

LG Launches A530 Gaming Laptop

On the topic of flying pigs, another television and LCD manufacturer has decided that the time is right to cash in on the popularity of gaming laptops. Hot on the heels of Samsung’s somewhat surprising announcement of a Series 7...

/ August 25, 2011
Asus G73SW (Sandy Bridge)

Asus G73SW $919.99 (Refurbished)

I just opened up an email from Newegg saying that they are currently selling the ASUS Republic of Gamers G73SW in refurbished/recertified condition for $999, which sounded like a great deal worth publishing here, but when visiting the page the...

/ August 20, 2011

Samsung Announces Series 7 Gaming Laptop

Pigs do fly even outside of Pink Floyd concerts, apparently. There’s no question that Samsung builds high-end TVs and clever Android phones, but high-end laptops? Not so much. Although to be fair, the Korean giant has been stretching the boundaries...

/ August 19, 2011
msi gx680

MSI GT683DXR Available and Shipping

We mentioned the MSI GT 683DXR a while back. Now it has finally started to ship and it seems to be flying off the shelves. The main attraction in the 15.6-inch GT683DXR as opposed to the GT683R is of course...

/ August 18, 2011

Alienware M14x: Overclocking the GT 555M

How much extra performance you can squeeze out of a laptop GPU differs a great deal between laptops–from none at all (locked BIOS) to an impressive amount of extra frames per second, suddenly making some games playable at higher detail...

/ August 17, 2011
HP dv6z

HP dv6z with AMD Fusion: Good Enough Gaming Performance?

HP recently rolled out the brand new AMD Llano APUs in the AMD version of the HP Pavilion laptop, the dv6z. It is a considerably more affordable alternative to the dv6t, which also use AMD graphics but Intel on the...

/ August 11, 2011
Origin PC EON 17-S

Origin PC Back-to-School Coupon

This offer, valid through August, is definitely the most gamer-centric, unique and funny of all the back-to-school deals out there right now. It is good for free maximum overclocking(!) as well as free shipping. Here’s how to take advantage: Configure...

/ August 6, 2011