Month: July 2011

GE620DX – New Budget Gaming Machine from MSI

Actually, there’s no mention of price in MSI’s press release, but considering that the specifications put it far behind the manufacturer’s “real” gaming laptops, the GT683R and the GT780R, this one will most likely come with a modest price tag...

/ July 27, 2011
AMD Radeon

28nm AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series On Track for 2011

The two gaming GPU manufacturers have both been using the 40nm production process for quite some time now. Although the names of individual laptop and desktop graphics cards have changed, big news under the hood have been largely absent–it has...

/ July 25, 2011

Alienware Laptops get “Killer” Wireless

The entire Alienware lineup is getting a faster wireless option, courtesy of Bigfoot Networks’ “Killer” Wireless-N 1103, which improves speed, reduces latency and adds a number of other proprietary technologies that might be well-suited to gaming laptops. All four of...

/ July 13, 2011
AMD Radeon HD 6900M

Radeon HD 6990M Now the World’s Fastest Mobile GPU

The words “world’s fastest mobile GPU” are being thrown around a lot these days. It’s only been a couple of weeks since Nvidia released its GTX 580M and claimed the title of “fastest”. Now AMD has picked up the glove...

/ July 12, 2011

Making the Case for the Affordable Gaming Laptop

Unless you happen to be a dedicated geek who stays constantly up to date with the latest hardware updates, any laptop purchase can turn into a chaotic state of affairs. You have to check up on a lot of things...

/ July 11, 2011

Glasses-Free 3D in New Qosmio F750

Toshiba is one of the first two laptop manufacturers to bring glasses-free 3D technology to the market–the other one being ASUS with their G53Sx. The new creation is part of Toshiba’s premium desktop replacement series Qosmio and is more specifically...

/ July 6, 2011
HDD - SSD side-by-side

The Solid State Drive Laptop Upgrade – Is it Worth it?

In any recent laptop (or desktop), the mechanical hard drive is the component with the most detrimental effect on overall performance. This shouldn’t be surprising, as hard drive technology has remained more or less the same for decades. Sure, some...

/ July 5, 2011