Month: May 2011

Qosmio X770 Lid

GTX 560M Launched: Brings Optimus to the High End

Opinions differ about Optimus–some geeks consider it an abomination; not being able to switch manually and be in total control of the process, while others (mainly non-geeks) think it’s awesome not having to bother with the settings.

/ May 30, 2011

Buying a Refurbished Gaming Laptop – Things to Keep in Mind

There may be many reasons to buy a refurbished gaming laptop, but the most deciding factor is of course cost; the price tag on a refurbished gaming laptop or any other pre-owned laptop is always much less than that of...

/ May 30, 2011

XPS 15z – Dell’s MBP 15 Challenger Now Available

There’s no question where Dell has set its sights with the brand new XPS 15z that we caught a glimpse of only a few days ago. It bears a striking resemblance to the 15-inch MacBook Pro–the weight is practically the same (a...

/ May 24, 2011
Qosmio X770

New Toshiba Qosmio X770 Goes Sandy Bridge, 3D

Toshiba is updating its high-end gaming/entertainment Qosmio lineup with the latest 2nd-generation Sandy Bridge CPUs from Intel and high-end Nvidia GPUs. The new models are called Qosmio X770, and the 3D-enabled version Qosmio X770 3D. 

/ May 23, 2011

Maingear eX-L 17: 3D and 4.8GHz

Apparently a new race is on–one for which manufacturer that can deliver gaming laptops with the highest (over-)clocked mobile processors. 

/ May 21, 2011
Alienware m11x

Alienware M11x R3 Coupon

Updated 4/14 2012 (extended): Get an M11x R3 for just $799! This is a brand new coupon from Dell valid for a limited time only on the 11.6-inch Alienware M11x and the best deal on the laptop so far. 

/ May 21, 2011
Half Life 2

Benchmarking in Games: Built-in Vs. Actual Gameplay

By Gary Navat Introduction Benchmarking is a test or series of tests to assess the component or the computer’s capability. This is also a way to know how well the product would perform against the others. To PC enthusiasts and...

/ May 21, 2011

New Dell XPS 15z On the Way

Lately Dell’s thin-and-light models have been given a ‘z’ in the model name, but so far this hasn’t applied to the XPS lineup.

/ May 18, 2011
Envy 14

HP Envy 14 Coupon

Updated 2/3/2012. The latest coupon from HP valid on the 14.5-inch Envy 14 is worth 30% off including free shipping! The base model of the Envy 14 is equipped with an Intel Core i5 (optional quad-core i7 available), backlit keyboard,...

/ May 15, 2011

Weekly Deals Roundup: Alienware, XPS, Pavilion Quad Core

Here’s a roundup of the latest gaming laptop deals that have arrived during the week. All of them require coupon codes that you apply after adding the item to your cart. Some of the deals expire soon, but they have...

/ May 12, 2011