Month: December 2010

Intel Sandy Bridge Integrated Graphics – Good Enough for Gaming?

So far, integrated Intel graphics (i.e., Intel GMA)  has been synonomous with cheap budget laptops and abysmal frame rates in games. Although Intel has managed to improve IPG performance over the years, they have remanined far behind any dedicated GPU...

/ December 30, 2010

MSI GT680 – “Fastest Laptop Ever”

The folks at MSI are already teasing us with their upcoming CES 2011 launches. There are apparently a few Android tablets and mainstream laptops on the way, but the most interesting detail is without a doubt that MSI claims to...

/ December 13, 2010

We Want YOUR Gaming Laptop Review!

Submit a review of your own gaming laptop and make some money in the process! Reviewing a gaming laptop is fun, and we would love to have lots of legit reviews of high-end laptops on this site. Unfortunately we don’t...

/ December 1, 2010