Month: August 2010

New AVADirect Gaming Laptops with Optimus

Optimus is Nvidia’s next step in hybrid/switchable graphics that we’ve talked about before here. It’s also present in the latest revision of the tiny gaming laptop from Alienware – the m11x R2.  The technology automatically switches between integrated Intel graphics...

/ August 31, 2010

MSI GT660: Why No DX11?

Below an ad for the newly released, quad-core gaming monster from MSI–the GT660. The GT660 comes loaded with features including dual 7,200rpm hard drives, USB 3.0, and room for up to 12GB of DDR3 RAM. Somewhat less impressive is the...

/ August 12, 2010

LG Now Also on the Bandwagon with a 3D Laptop

The well-known Korean consumer electronics giant LG just launched its first notebook with support for stereoscopic 3D. LG’s newcomer has been dubbed R590 3D and is equipped with a 15.6-inch display. In the package is also a pair of polarized...

/ August 1, 2010