Month: May 2010

Fermi for Laptops: GTX 480M Finally Launched

Fermi, or GF100 as the chip is also known as is now in production for laptops and will go by the name GeForce GTX 480M. It is Nvidia’s first DirectX 11 GPU with lots of new features including the next-gen...

/ May 31, 2010

40% Off HP Envy 15 – EXPIRED

Deal/coupon of the week: While supplies last you can now get your hands on one of the fastest and also most versatile gaming laptops on the planet: the 15-inch HP Envy 15 with a Quad-Core (eight-threaded) Core i7 CPU and...

/ May 25, 2010

Intel i-Series (Calpella) Mobile Platform Overview

Intel continues the tradition of naming its mobile platforms after wine districts in California – the latest one is called Calpella. Unlike Intel’s previous laptop platforms, this one departs from the Centrino branding, which will be phased out along with...

/ May 16, 2010