Month: March 2010

Choke Your Laptop with Unigine Heaven 2

I’m not sure why I insist on torturing my computers with all these benchmarks, but if it’s any consolation it seems like a common affliction among hardware geeks. Running Unigine Heaven on my lowly 9600M-equipped laptop wasn’t exactly an encouraging...

/ March 28, 2010

Asus G51jx-x3 Review (Core i5)

Asus has huge variety of its “Republic of Gamers” gaming laptops, but most of them are variants of the same model albeit with a different model number and (slightly) different specs.  The Asus G51jx-X3 differs in the fact that it...

/ March 23, 2010

Nvidia Issues Driver Warning

Nvidia says that a version of its drivers may cause overheating. The warning applies to the 196.75 version drivers for its GeForce graphics cards.

/ March 21, 2010

More Mobile Gaming from MSI: GT660 reports from CeBIT 2010 that MSI has yet another interesting gaming monster in the pipeline – this one is a 16-inch (16:10) quad-core machine named GT660. MSI has offered up gaming laptops before, but apparently the manufacturer has taken...

/ March 8, 2010