Month: February 2010

MSI GE600 – New 16-Inch 1080p Gaming Laptop

If this one is anything like the previous laptops in MSI’s (G)aming series it should turn out to be pretty good. I used to own a 15-4-inch MSI gamer laptop that was quite slim and light (for a 15-incher) with...

/ February 24, 2010

Nvidia Optimus for Laptops – A Better Hybrid Solution

It looks like Intel and Nvidia are beginning to reconcile their previous differences. Nvidia is about to launch a follow-up to Hybrid Graphics – the previously awkward combination of an integrated Intel GPU and a more powerful dedicated one.

/ February 9, 2010

Vaio Z with Core i7: Another Small Wonder

It seems that good things do come in small packages every now and then. At CES we saw the release of the smallest gaming laptop yet – the 11-inch Alienware m11x. The 13-inch, 3.2-pound VAIO Z is obviously larger, but...

/ February 4, 2010