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Ubuntu Gaming Laptop: World’s Fastest?

December 9, 2012 by Meryll divider image

Ubuntu which has always been known as a free and fast performing operating system together with System76 which is known for manufacturing extreme performing computer devices have recently unveiled their top performing gaming laptop—the Bonobo Extreme.

Carl Richell, the CEO and Founder of System76 have said that the Bonobo Extreme is the world’s fastest Ubuntu laptop. But in a gaming laptop world that is dominated by a different brand of operating systems, can Bonobo Extreme really compete? Let us look into its features and specifications and see how they compare with some of the top selling gaming laptops in the market.


            The Bonobo Extreme is a very simple gaming laptop that has a 17.3 inches wide screen display. It comes in full HD with 1920x1080p resolution and with LED backlit. It has an industrial design that makes it look very durable. It comes available in black finish; it is plain and simple with just its brand on the cover. It has a backlit keyboard and it also has a slightly larger touchpad that is supported with rubber palm rest to make sure that users are comfortable no matter how long they use it. It is equipped with quite a lot of ports and it also has an optical drive which makes it a little thicker than most ultra-portable laptops that we have in the market these days. So if you are the type who would buy a laptop to flaunt, Bonobo Extreme is probably not the best option for you. You would probably like a Dell XPS which may be a little thick but does have a really good gaming external design; it has a very appealing hydrographic finish, an illuminated Dell badge, a customizable touchpad backlight and illuminated tail lights. The Alienware may also be another option for you which is no doubt very attractive at first glance. It has very stylish finish and it is available in different colors. It also has the signature Alienware badge, backlit keyboard and touchpad and it looks perfect for gaming. But let’s look into the Bonobo Extreme’s performance and see if we can disregard the design at some point.


            The Bonobo Extreme is packed with the most advanced features and specifications that are indeed comparable to those of other top-selling gaming laptops in the market these days. With the GPU, which the top buying decision factors for hard core gamers, this laptop utilizes either the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M or the GeForce GTX 670MX which support the latest gaming technologies and also gives the best graphics performance. It has real-time responses, crisp and vibrant colors and detailed images. It also has the latest CPU which is the 3rd Generation Intel Core i7. It runs at 2.6GHz and can be boosted up to 3.0GHz. The GPU and CPU are being supported with up to 32GB dual channel DDR3 RAM running at 1600MHz and up to 3TB of storage capacity. It has a DVD drive, an amazing audio, WiFi and it is packed with all the necessary ports; SD card reader, USB 2.0, 3 USB 3.0, eSata USB Combo Port. Ethernet Port, HDMI, Headphone and Microphone port, etc. It also has a good Built-in 2-megapixel camera and it has suspend and resume features to manage power consumption.

The Bonobo Extreme features and specifications that define its performance are indeed remarkable. It can be compared to those of the base products of Alienware, HP and MSI for gaming laptops. The 3.0GHz CPU is definitely more than adequate, but we have to take note of the fact that most gaming laptops these days can now boost up to 3.3GHz. That is still a fairly noticeable difference especially if you are a meticulous hard core gamer.


            With a 17.3 inches wide screen display, around two inches thick and weighs about 4 kg, this “world’s fastest Ubuntu gaming laptop” is indeed not really very portable. We can get a lot more portable gaming laptops that can give us the same or even better performance. But with its long battery life, some hard core gamers would probably reconsider it.


            The price has always been the ultimate buying decision factor for a lot of gaming laptop users. While Alienware, MSI, HP, Razer and other well-known gaming laptop brands sell their products at around $2000 with these specifications, the Bonobo Extreme is just at $1,499. Now at this point, hard core gamers who are on a tight budget may definitely look at this device instead of the more popular options.


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