Asus has uploaded the manuals to its upcoming 15.6-inch G55VW and 17.3-inch G75VW gaming laptops – successors to the G53SX and G74SX – and they contain some interesting tidbits, including information on how to set up a RAID array.g55 raidFor those new to RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Disks), it’s a technology used for mirroring or striping data across two or more hard drives (or SSDs) for improved data protection or improved performance, respectively. It’s an old technology but still perfectly viable. The most common variant used among power users is RAID 0, striping the data across two drives to create a single volume with almost twice the performance. You need two identical drives to use RAID.

RAID has been absent in the current versions of Asus’ Republic of Gamers laptops, the G53SX and the G74SX, but the manuals (available from Asus Support, search for the model names), provide instructions on how to set up RAID 0 or RAID 1. This is first done in the BIOS (accessed by pressing F2 on startup), going to the ‘Advanced’ menu and select SATA configuration. Creating the actual volume is done by pressing CTRL + I to access the Intel RST pre-boot menu. If you go through this process any existing data on either of the drives will be gone for good, but you will have a brand new and speedy RAID volume.

The only obstacle to performing this procedure straight away is that neither the G55VW nor the G75VW have been officially launched, but they should be available by the end of April. Other news in the new models are of course the – arguably much more important – Nvidia GTX 660M with the new Kepler core that should handily outperform the current GTX 560M, as well as new Ivy Bridge (3rd generation Core) processors from Intel.

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