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What to Expect from Gaming Laptops by 2014

September 12, 2013 by Meryll divider image

As soon as we get into the last quarter of the year, everyone in the gaming laptop industry would already be asking about what’s coming by 2014. Besides the very controversial Intel Haswell update, there is quite a lot to look forward to with gaming laptops by 2014.

The Hardware

            The issue on ultra-portability has long been running and it has always been set aside by gaming laptop manufacturers justifying that there are no good software or hardware providers that could give them both performance and ultra-portability at the same time. However, earlier this year, NVIDIA, which is one of the world’s leading GPU providers released their smaller, more compact but a lot better performing GeForce GTX700M series. The extreme performance GPUs are now being used by the world’s thinnest and newest gaming laptops like Razer Blade Pro which is just at 0.66-inch thick and the redesigned Alienware 17 which also made a very significant cut on its thickness.

Intel’s Haswell technology also features incredibly thin and lightweight built. It is also known as Intel’s move towards addressing the people’s demand for ultra-portable computing devices.

Then of course there are also the very significant changes on the display. Gaming laptops now use Corning’s chemically treated Gorilla Glass. This type of glass is made especially strong and scratch resistant despite being very thin.

Most keyboards these days are also made spill-proof and the chassis now consists of magnesium alloy brushed with whatever color and finishing texture the manufacturers think would appeal most to hard core gamers. These physical changes make gaming laptops a lot more durable than they ever were. With the existence of external hard drives, detachable optical drive and SD cards, some gaming laptops have already gotten rid of the optical drive to become a lot more portable.

With smaller and more compact GPUs and CPUs, with the thinner but better screen display and with smaller external ports needed, it is probably easy to say that by 2014 we could be having ultra-portable gaming laptops that are similar to the Razer Blade Pro or even thinner.

The Software

            More and more computer manufacturers now make use of Windows 8 for their products. Although this operating system has been primarily designed for a touchscreen device, there are still a lot of gaming laptops that have it but are not touchscreen capable. Gaming laptops now make use of the very colourful and vibrant Windows 8 Metro UI. One reason that some gamers prefer it is that the live tiles allow them to keep track of their game updates even when they are not on the game. Then of course the new OS also has more advanced features like its capability to support more than one display.

Both the CPU and the GPU nowadays also support more technologies than the older ones. They now support realistic images in HD and 3D and they also provide real time responses. They are also able to manage performance and battery life a lot better than they used to. There are currently gaming laptops that can survive on a single charge in a week primarily because their GPU and CPU have great performing battery life management.

            Even the audio these days already support 3D which makes gaming a lot more realistic. Gamers can hear what they play as if they are actually in the game.

Definitely, gaming laptops won’t succumb into the gaming tablet PC industry by next year. But what they would probably do is accept the ultra-portability challenge given to them. They no longer have the problem of having to sacrifice performance because CPU and GPU providers are now able to give them more compact but good performing architectures. By 2014, there would probably be a battle among “world’s thinnest gaming laptop” while they continue to deliver the best graphics performance—and yes, they could also be touch screen capable even if most game require full keyboard.

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