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P2742G: Gigabyte’s New Gaming Monster

April 27, 2013 by Meryll divider image

igabytePacked with the most powerful gaming laptop components, the P2742G was proudly released by its very competent manufacturer—Gigabyte.

The P2742G is a powerful gaming laptop that boasts up to 2TB storage capacity. It supports dual storage system and it has both an HDD and an SSD. It also utilizes one of the newest graphics processors from NVIDIA which is the GeForce GTX 660M GDDR5 with a 2GB memory. This graphics processor supports Optimus technology which automatically boosts processing speed depending on the game’s demand. It also has support for DirectX11 and all other new gaming technologies.

Just like most new gaming laptops that have been released recently, the P2742G also promotes the use of the Windows 8 OS but still retains its compatibility with the other Windows OS. It also has a 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 processor which runs at 2.4GHz up to 3.4GHz. As for its RAM, it has 3 slots for an optional 4GB or 8GB DDR3 1600MHz. It also has a Mobile Intel HM77 Express Chipset.

Every hard core laptop gamer would usually just look into the CPU and GPU of a gaming laptop. For as long as these two buying factors can promise them great gaming performance, they would consider any gaming laptop it goes with and just work out the RAM and the storage. But Gigabyte’s P2742G proudly gives hard core gamers everything they need; without having to adjust or work out on the RAM and the storage. With its gigantic storage capacity and almost unbelievable system memory, hard core laptop gamers would be able to store as many games they want and could play them smoothly even when they have other applications running.

The gaming experience on the P2742G is also made a lot better with its 17.3-inch wide full HD screen display with LED backlight. Its resolution is at 1920x1080p which is capable of providing a realistic viewing experience on any graphics-demanding game. Its crystal clear audio also has the THX TruStudio Pro Technology that makes any game not just look real but also sound real.

Gigabyte also features their Bluetooth 4.0 which is energy efficient and the easier systems restore option with Smart Recovery. Gamers would simply have to click on the F9 to put their gaming laptop back to the default system settings.

It also has all the necessary ports that would allow hard core gamers to really enjoy their game like the HDMI, USB 3.0, Ethernet Port, etc. It comes in two elegant and attractive colors; black and orange. However, as expected from most hard core gaming laptop that is packed with top performing specifications, the P2742G is quite heavy and bulky at around 3.2kg.

Gigabyte has indeed come up with a gaming monster with the P2742G and a lot of hard core gamers would definitely hunger for its storage capacity and other great specifications.

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