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AMD Improves Performance with Richland

March 16, 2013 by Meryll divider image

amdThere’s probably not a single gaming laptop manufacturer that is not at all moved by the existence of so many different ultraportable computing machines that also allow mobile gaming. Top gaming laptop chip manufacturers have each come up with ways to cope up with the challenge that other ultraportable gaming gadgets have put up for them. AMD for instance, has come up with their new Elite A-Series processor which is now being called the Richland x86. Besides being able to cope up with mobile gaming, this new AMD processor also promises better graphics and better performance than the Intel Core i7 which is currently the world’s newest and leading processor for laptops.

The Richland processors would have the latest and best performing quad-core processors; A10 and A8 and there would also be options for dual-core which are the A6 and A4. They would be running at a 3.1 GHz processing speed up to 3.5GHz. Cache for the quad-core chips would be at 4MB and 1MB for the dual-core chips.

Besides promising great performance, the Richland processors also feature AMD Gesture Control which would recognize the user’s hand gestures and take them as commands. They would also have the ability to have AMD Face Login. They would make use of the webcam and the software to recognize the face of the user and take it as the access password. This would mean that laptops would be more secure and private.

Richland processors would also have the AMD Screen Mirror feature which would allow laptops to stream videos, photos, websites and other data from one display to another. Users would no longer have to purchase a separate device to allow home networking and similar functions. For better streaming of quite graphics-demanding data, especially games, the Richland processors also feature AMD Quick Stream, AMD Steady Video and AMD Perfect Picture HD. They primarily enhance graphics quality and streaming.

Looking at its specifications, this new Elite processor series seem to bring better performance to laptops. The downside though is that, they consume around 35 watts of the laptop’s power. It could be quite power-hungry and inconvenient to those who do not like having their charger’s handy all the time. AMD should definitely come up with chips that would consume lesser power to make this chips sell.

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