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HP has just updated its Pavilion lineup with brand new Ivy Bridge (3rd-gen Core) processors from Intel and Nvidia 600M-series Kepler (28nm) graphics. When you opt in on the GT 650M (crucial $25 upgrade), you get graphics on par with the previous-generation GTX 560M and not far from the latest GTX 660M. The value for money in the quad-core Pavilion series is almost impossible to beat at this writing. Latest coupons for November 2012:

The offers are valid for customized laptops, not quick-ship models. The ones above expires 6/13/2012 or sooner.

 HP Gaming Laptops

Below are the latest coupon codes for all the HP laptops that are equipped or can be equipped for high-end gaming:

dv6t Quad Edition – Save $250!

HP dv6t Quad EditionThe most attractive coupon right now on a the brand new Ivy Bridge/Kepler-based 15.6-inch dv6t Quad Edition is one worth 33% off plus free shipping. Make sure not to miss out on the most important upgrade for gamers, the GeForce GT 650M. A Full HD 1080p panel is also a tempting upgrade, or a bigger hard drive or SSD.


dv7t Quad Edition – Save $250!

dv7t Quad EditionThe latest offer on the the new Ivy Bridge 17-inch quad-core Pavilion is 33% off. This offer also includes free shipping.

This 17.3-inch laptop can also be equipped with a variety of quad-core (8-thread) 3rd-gen Core processors from Intel as well as the very important GeForce GT 650M (optional upgrade). 1080p panels are also available.


dv6z Quad Edition – Save $50

HP dv6tThe Pavilion dv6z Quad Edition is HP’s AMD version of the Pavilion, which now ships with the new AMD Fusion/LLano chips with an option for dual graphics–i.e, a combination of AMDs integrated Fusion APU graphics and a dedicated card running in asynchronous Crossfire mode.

The best offer at the moment on the dv6z Quad is $25 off + free shipping.


HP Envy 15

HP Envy 15 (2012)[EXPIRED]The  Envy 15 is configurable with a Radiance IPS-based display in addition to the HD 7690M graphics card. HP’s latest valid coupon code is worth no less than 33% off including free shipping!

It now comes with one of the latest 2nd-generation Core i5 and Core i7 processors from Intel (quad-core versions available) and a Mobility Radeon HD 7690M graphics card from AMD (formerly ATI).

  • Visit HP to configure
  • Go to your cart and copy/paste this promo code: NBJ9867


HP Envy 17 / Envy 17 3D – Save 33%

[EXPIRED]HP’s Envy 17 and Envy 17 3D has now been upgraded with the latest Sandy Bridge Core i7 and i5 CPUs, as well as a Radeon HD 7690M graphics card. It is also available in a 3D version and has room for dual hard drives or SSDs in its comparatively slim chassis.

The latest deal is the same as the above: $450 off customized laptops including free shipping!

  • Configure your Envy 17 here / 3D version here
  • Enter the following coupon code in your shopping cart: NBJ9867

Besides the design improvements in HP’s latest dv6t and dv7t Quad-Core Pavilion laptops, they have also been given a complete overhaul on the inside. The hardware platform has been updated with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors (2nd-generation Core i7 and i5). On the graphics side, the HD 6770M has just been replaced by a Radeon HD 7690M, which is essentially the same card but with a slightly higher memory clock. Just like its predecessor, the 7690M has 480 stream processors and offers good overall performance.

Which HP Laptops are Capable of Gaming?

For gamers, it is primarily the high-end laptops that offer the best gaming performance, but not necessarily the most expensive ones. The important thing to look for is the graphics card (GPU). This component can be customized on some of HP’s laptops. In some versions of the 15.6-inch Pavilion dv6t and 17-inch dv7t for example, there is currently a choice between the GeForce GT 630M, the GT 650M with 1GB GDDR5 or the GT 650M with 2GB of GDDR5. The GT 650M is vastly superior the GT 630M.

HP’s premium Envy lineup is also equipped with powerful graphics cards from the get go; both the Envy 15 and the Envy 17 (3D) ship with a Radeon HD 7690M.

All of the above laptops are capable of playing all the latest games on the market, but with the weaker cards you will have to adjust the quality/detail options and screen resolutions down.

How to Use a Coupon Code from HP Home and Home Office

Using a coupon code on HP’s online shopping website is as easy as entering your name and address. When you are done configuring your laptop and added it to the cart for checkout, there’s a designated “Coupon code” field in the “Order summary” box (the first thing you see after proceeding to the cart).

This is where you enter the code and click on the “Apply” button. To simplify the process, you can highlight the code on this page, right click and select “copy” and then right-click and choose “paste” in the designated field.

After applying the coupon you will get an updated subtotal with the new price. Note that not the terms and conditions differ between different offers. Usually you may not combine several rebates or coupons (although there are exceptions). Normally, HP’s shopping cart will automatically choose the best possible deal for the product you are about to purchase.


  1. Thanks for all of these. I’m living in China, and surprisingly, electronics are actually cheaper in the states, thanks to the discounts and coupons on your site. I found your guide really useful and just bought an HP DV7T.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Aery interesting observation that electronics are cheaper in the states, considering 99.9% of it is assembled in China… Weird.

  3. Thank you for this guide, Berg. This is quite a useful resource for bargain-hunting. I hope you’ll keep up the good work for a very long time!

    Just one question, regarding the GPU of the dv6t/dv7t, the Mobility Radeon HD 6770M. How does it compare with the Nvidia graphics cards, performance-wise? Below the GTX460M/GTX560M, better than the GTX555M?

  4. correction, that should be “Below the GTX460M/GTX560M, better than the GT555M?”

  5. Thanks Vince! I try to keep it up to date.

    The HD 6770M and GT 555M are actually very close and it depends on individual games (and to some extent the main CPU) which one comes out on top. The 6770M does a little bit better in DirectX11 on average and the 555M does better in the older versions. This is assuming it’s the 144 shader version of the 555M. There’s also a 96 shader version with faster VRAM, but I don’t think that makes up for the lack of cores.

  6. I already went into the topic at the bottom of your December roundup, but I’ll briefly say it here also: Reexamine the dv6z in comparison to the dv6t. It has a lot of untapped power, and offers MUCH better options when gaming on battery power.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Calc_Yolatuh. I’ll definitely look into it. They definitely sound really interesting on paper.

  8. Looking at the dv6t and dv7t on HP’s site now, they are offering either a 1GB Discrete Graphics AMD Radeon or a 2GB Discrete Graphics AMD Radeon graphics card. Do you know if this is still the Mobility Radeon HD 6770M or an equivalent to it? Thanks! Very informative site by the way. I will be back often!

  9. Thanks a lot Tony! And yes, the new GPUs listed (at least the 2GB option) are allegedly the HD 7690M, which is more or less the same card but with a higher memory clock. It’s unfortunately not one of the entirely new 28nm GPUs, but still slightly faster than its predecessor.

  10. Big time thank you for the hook up! Saved me $450 today on a loaded HP ENVY 15. Sales agent even commented that the discount easily beats any employee discount he could get. Thanks again!

  11. thanks a million man , first you help me decide which laptop to get then i get $450 off it !! That $450 was a real boost thanks again

  12. No problem Liam, have fun with your new laptop!

  13. Im about to buy a dv6t quad edition from hp, my question is: Is it good for gaming to buy the 2g nvidia 650m gt or should I just stick to the 1g 650m? -thanks

  14. Hi Ken, if this was the previous version with the 7690M I would have said definitely stick with 1 GB, but the GT 650M might be just powerful enough to actually use of more than a gig. I did a VRAM/RAM comparison between a few different games and settings here: http://www.gaminglaptopreport.com/articles-guides/how-much-ram-video-ram-do-games-use/
    The 650M might be capable of running e.g. Skyrim at 1080p with hi-res textures. Hope that helps.

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