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January 26, 2013 by Meryll divider image

The emergence of so many different mobile computing devices has also triggered a lot of changes on the internet and storage technologies. The internet was flooded with so many different websites that promote social networking, photo and video sharing and gaming. The storage technology has also moved from the built-in storage and the traditional hard disk drive to cloud storage and the thinner and lighter solid state drive.

Through all those computer technology developments, NVIDIA which is a one of the best manufacturers of graphics processing units in the world, tries to cope up. Just recently, the technology company unveiled its newest product which could redefine gaming—the NVIDIA GRID.

   The NVIDIA GRID is a cloud storage/ server technology that would allow gamers to access their games anywhere they are or whatever mobile computing device they are using. It utilizes the top performing software, GPUs and servers from NVIDIA in order to provide gamers a much better gaming performance. In providing cloud storage services, the NVIDIA GRID features a lot faster performance. Users will be able to access their files or their games a lot quicker. In playing a video or a game, the NVIDIA GRID features real-time responses so gamers would not at all think they are sharing the server with other users. It also plays full HD videos, features perfect details and reduces latency by around 30 seconds. It also supports 3D technology.

To get started, NVIDIA GRID provides up to 20 servers per rack, up to 240 GPUs, 720 simultaneous gamers per rack and up to 7,200 subscribers per rack.

Just like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and other cloud streaming services providers, the NVIDIA GRID would give users the convenience of being able to click-to-play from a library of high quality games that have been saved on the cloud. It features less hassle gaming experience primarily because there would no longer be a need for any gamer to download any software, get a new hardware, set up any complicated technology on a gaming laptop or install games. Because it is also on a cloud gaming technology, it will reduce power consumption on any gaming device.

While traditional and hard core gamers may tend to look at NVIDIA GRID in a lot more complicated angle or may tend to research more details about it, to some laptop gamers, this would only mean lesser expenses for them. They no longer need to buy those $3000 and up gaming laptops just to get more storage capacity or a better performing GPU. With NVIDIA GRID, everything is taken care of.

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