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Get to Know NVIDIA this 2013

February 22, 2013 by Meryll divider image

Over the years, NVIDIA has been on top of the list for companies that provide top visual computing technologies for gaming laptops. But with so many different newer gadgets these days that seem to threaten the existence of gaming laptops, would NVIDIA still top the list? What does it have for gaming laptop users this year?

New Processors

            One of NVIDIA’s latest products is the GTX 680 MX which is claimed to be the fastest and most advanced GPU. It provides 60% better performance compared to other great performing GPUs like the Radeon HD 7970M.

Besides support for the most advanced technologies like the NVIDIA FXAA, TXAA, NVIDIA PhysX and NVIDIA SLI, this processor also brags about its ability to balance outstanding graphics performance and a lot longer battery life. Despite giving hard core gamers a realistic gaming experience, this GPU is still able to make gaming laptop batteries last long.

For hard core gamers who prioritize performance a lot more than battery life, NVIDIA has its GeForce GT 730 which has been primarily designed for better performance. It makes use of NVIDIA’s Kepler technology which allows a bigger percentage of the processing space to be used for processing cores. This gives hard core gamers 3x better performance than other GPUs. It also supports various different new gaming technologies to make sure that it would be able to allow even the newest and most graphics-demanding games.

While newer laptops in the market keep getting more portable, games and other data also require greater graphics technology. With this, NVIDIA is definitely able to cope up. It can provide hard core gamers the graphics performance they need and want.

Cloud Technology

            nvidia-grid-cloudTo cope up with the advancements on mobile computing devices, NVIDIA came up with its new cloud gaming technology which is now called the NVIDIA GRID. This is a cloud storage or server that can be used by gamers to access their games anywhere and on any device. We are definitely not strangers to so many different cloud storage facilities like the iCloud, Netflix, etc. Well, we would not be strangers to their Grid but we would definitely find it very unique. It would not just let us store data or files and it will not let us stream just any video. But it will let us stream videos that require extreme graphics performance. It will let us stream HD videos and it will support 3D technology.

The Grid will also allow us to interact with our stored files or data by letting us play our favourite games no matter how demanding they could be in terms of graphics performance. It utilizes the latest and best performing NVIDIA GPUs and servers which provide it the capability to stream real-time responses, perfect details and it also reduces latency at about 30 seconds. Unlike other cloud storage facilities that are greatly affected by the number of users, the NVIDIA Grid would not give us that feeling because of its ultimate realistic responses or performance.

Despite most gaming laptops becoming smaller and smaller, NVIDIA is still able to cope up because of its also newer technologies that support ultraportable gaming laptops and other mobile gaming gadgets. With the Grid, there is no doubt that even with a convertible gaming laptop or tablet PC, it will be able to cope up.

Game Support

            Along with the existence of newer and ultraportable gaming laptops and other gadgets are also the existence of better software and better games. With these, NVIDIA is definitely able to cope up. In fact, it supports a lot of new computer games that are very demanding in terms of graphics performance.

With NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology, it is able to automatically transform games into full 3D graphic videos without the need for any game patches. 3D games like Max Payne 3, Batman: Arkham City and Battlefield 3 are perfect with NVIDIA 3D Vision technology.

NVIDIA also has amazing PhysX and SLI scaling that provides gamers realistic gaming experiences. No matter how much demanding newer games could be in terms of graphics performance, NVIDIA is definitely able to cope up.

Ultraportable Gaming Gadgets

           shield Most of us probably know NVIDIA as the best GPU brand for our gaming laptops which are typically still big, bulky and heavy to even be called a portable computer. Well, gaming laptops are really like that—at least two to three years ago. Since the existence of tablet PCs and mobile smartphones which are also capable of letting gamers play their favorite games, gaming laptop GPU providers seem to have been challenged by Android and iOS compatible games. In one way or another, Android, iOS and other similar platforms threaten gaming laptop GPUs. It does not mean though that it also threatens NVIDIA. In fact, NVIDIA has been amazingly great that it even came up with its own ultraportable gaming device to cope up with the newer and more portable gaming technologies.

The Project SHIELD which is a hand-held game-controller Android device allow hard core gamers to play their favorite games on their desktop PCs, gaming laptops, tablet PCs and other devices. This new NVIDIA gaming device is somewhat similar to an Xbox 360 only that it is a lot more powerful. It is capable of giving hard core gamers a gaming laptop performance on an ultraportable Android gaming device.

NVIDIA does not seem to weaken this 2013. Instead, it has come up with a lot of newer technology developments in order to cope up.

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