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Best Christmas-Themed Computer Games

December 4, 2013 by Meryll divider image

It is a custom to almost all places in the world that family, friends and even mere acquaintances gather for some “quality time” together at home. Besides the food, the means of entertainment is also among the biggest problems of the host. Just because there is an available gaming laptop or desktop does not really mean that the problem is solved—the available games should be interesting and timely enough to really be “entertaining.”

To help out in your Christmas worries, here are some of the best Christmas-themed computer games that you can keep in your gaming laptop or desktop:

Chicken Invaders 2 (Christmas Edition)

            After the deliciously satisfying Christmas turkey, you don’t necessarily have to join the boring family discussions with the adults. You can also sit right in front of your gaming laptop running on a Windows OS to play the Christmas-themed Chicken Invaders. You can pilot your own rocket ship and battle against the intergalactic chickens that seem to be trying hard to get their revenge. Shoot all of more than a hundred waves of mad chicken invaders and discover different weapons and use them to survive.

This arcade shooting game also has special holiday bonus levels and you can collect unique items and unlock secrets. Chicken Invaders 2 is appropriate for Christmas gamers of all ages.

Elf Bowling 7 1/7: The Last Insult

            If you’re a fan of bowling and you’d have to be stuck in a family gathering this Christmas Eve, don’t fret. You can still play your game with a very interesting Christmas twist.

The Elf Bowling 7 1/7: The Last Insult lets you assume the role of Santa Clause who is on his way to deliver presents but the elves are attacking him. The elves take the place of the bowling pins which Santa Clause has to knock down. But wait, this game isn’t as easy as it seems. The extraordinary powers of the elves make the game a lot harder than just an ordinary bowling game.

The elves can create different obstacles like oil, narrowed lane and gigantic shields. The game is very challenging and you would either end up not wanting to leave your post until you get through it or giving it up to join your family for Christmas dinner instead.

Christmas Crisis

            Every child believes in Santa Claus delivering Christmas presents on a Christmas Eve. But if Santa Claus is being knocked down by some jets and airplanes while on his way, what would Christmas be like? None of us would probably want a Christmas without Santa. The Christmas Crisis would let us help Santa Claus successfully deliver his Christmas presents by leading his sleigh to the different houses. We need to help him drop the presents on the houses while avoiding the jets and airplanes that could knock him down.

The Christmas Crisis is compatible with Windows OS and it is an easy point and shoot game. We simply have to make use of the arrow keys to lead the sleigh and the spacebar to drop the presents.

Angry Birds Seasons

            Ever since Angry Birds became so popular; it has become irresistible for almost everyone to hit those ugly evil green pigs. The Angry Birds Seasons would keep us on a hitting-evil-green-pigs-mode even on Christmas. The game is actually a collection of different seasons like Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. It has different themes that make playing a lot more fun, interesting and appropriate for the event you should actually be celebrating.

Angry Birds Seasons has a lot of very challenging new levels and it also features its new hilarious looking orange bird. The game is very much like the original—addictive and fun.

Santa Claus in Trouble…Again!

            The traditional bearded old man who delivers presents under our Christmas tree is in a big trouble again this season—he seemed to have dropped all the presents while he was riding on a sleigh.

In this game, we need to help Santa Claus collect all the presents he’s dropped. But it isn’t going to be easy. Santa is also being knocked down by evil penguins and trapped in fireplaces. We have to also help Santa Clause avoid those barriers.

This game is perfect for Christmas and it also features 3D gaming display and some really great Christmas carols.

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