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Origin PC Back-to-School Coupon

August 6, 2011 by Berg divider image
Origin PC EON 17-S

This offer, valid through August, is definitely the most gamer-centric, unique and funny of all the back-to-school deals out there right now. It is good for free maximum overclocking(!) as well as free shipping.

Here’s how to take advantage:

Configure your own EON laptop or GENESIS desktop

Get the overclocking/free shipping offer by typing “BEST IN CLASS” in the comments field of your shopping cart.

Origin PC has some of the most powerful gaming laptops out there, starting with the EON 15-S, which is without comparison the most powerful 15-inch gaming laptop on the market right now (we are hoping to have one over for review soon). It can be configured with either the fastest Nvidia GPU on the market–the GeForce GTX 580M–or AMD’s fastest (and slightly faster than Nvidia’s) Radeon HD 6990M. More affordable GPU alternatives are also available. On the CPU side it can be equipped with Intel’s “Extreme Edition” Core i7 2920XM. In spite of the fastest-on-planet-class hardware, this 15-inch beast weighs only 6.8 pounds.

Its 17-inch counterpart the EON 17-S offers about the same specs but an arguably more gaming-friendly 17-inch panel.  It also has an Nvidia 3D Vision option and can be configured with an even faster processor, which is actually the same one as the top variant in the EON 15 but thanks to the extra wiggle room this one comes overclocked up to an incredible 4.8GHz with Turbo Boost (and the extra overclocking is presumably free with the back-to-school offer). Another important difference from its 15-inch sibling is that the EON 17-S has an option for dual hard drives or SSDs in RAID 0 for even better performance.

Last but not least, Origin’s original EON 17 is still the fastest gaming laptop on the planet, which is reflected in our gaming laptop top ten list. It gets there by “cheating” with desktop-class, hexa-core Intel Core i7 or even Xeon processors with up to 12 threads (effectively cores). Even more importantly, this monster laptop is configurable with two of the fastest mobile GPUs from Nvidia or AMD–dual GTX 580Ms in SLI or dual HD 6990Ms in CrossFireX. Just like with the EON 17-S, the EON 17 also has room for dual drives in RAID 0 for better performance, but you can also add a third drive to get even higher storage capacity. It’s quite heavy (12.1lbs) but this is the price you pay for the fastest gaming laptop on the planet.


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