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Let’s Get Confused: GeForce GTX 680M vs. 680MX vs. 675M vs. 675MX

October 29, 2012 by David No Comments divider image

It comes as no surprise for our regular readers that Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 670M and 675M were/are actually a 570M and a 580M with a new name. This situation changes with the new MX-series GPUs. Nvidia even decided to throw in a new flagship GPU in the mix by the name of GTX 680MX, which […]

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Razer; To Give Away a $15000 Star Wars Custom Designed Gaming Laptop

October 20, 2012 by Meryll No Comments divider image

The beauty that has become a beast in the computer gaming industry will be giving away four Star Wars custom designed Razer Blade gaming laptops this Halloween season. Packed with the features and specifications of the Razer Blade Gaming laptop, this custom designed Star Wars limited edition is made with matte Aluminum finish and yellow […]

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iBuyPower Launches Valkyrie CZ-17 (MSI Based)

June 21, 2012 by David No Comments divider image

iBuyPower has just unveiled a new 17.3-inch gaming machine dubbed the Valkyrie CZ-17. If you think that it looks eerily familiar you are not alone. It appears to be based on the MSI GT70.

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MSI Updates GT70 with GTX 680M

June 13, 2012 by David No Comments divider image

The 17.3-inch MSI GT70 looks like a nice machine, and now MSI is about to extend the options on the graphics side with the brand new GTX 680M.

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Mobile Ivy Bridge Refresh Revealed Already

May 28, 2012 by David No Comments divider image

The new high-end Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs are just fresh off the wafer, but what seems to be updates to the current lineup have already surfaced.

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Lenovo’s Move Into Gaming Laptops

May 25, 2012 by David No Comments divider image

Asus, MSI, Alienware, Lenovo (?). The company that inherited the ThinkPad brand from IBM has produced countless reliable, if boring, business machines, but it hasn’t made a name for itself in entertainment laptops for the masses.

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What’s New in HP’s dv6t, dv7t Quad Edition?

May 22, 2012 by David No Comments divider image
New dv6t quad

The latest updates to HP’s 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch high performance laptops, the dv6t and dv7t Quad Edition have not been particularly well covered by the media, with most of the attention being directed to the new ultrabooks and ‘sleekbooks’ from HP.

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AMD Trinity: Better Integrated Gaming Graphics

May 15, 2012 by David No Comments divider image

One of AMD’s new Trinity chips have been thoroughly tested and it looks like a modest improvement for integrated graphics.

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Samsung Series 7 Chronos Vs. Gamer

May 11, 2012 by David No Comments divider image
Samsung Series 7 Chronos

Samsung is mostly making news about its new Series 7 Gamer, which is clearly a powerful machine, but for those looking for a less bulky desktop replacement / gaming laptop, the new Ivy Bridge and Kepler-equipped Series 7 Chronos is also interesting.

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Free Ivy Bridge Upgrades for Origin PC, Alienware Buyers

May 10, 2012 by David No Comments divider image

In an unusual show of customer appreciation, gamers who bought a new EON 15-S, EON 17-S or other select Origin system just prior to the Ivy Bridge update are being given free updates to the latest generation Intel processors.

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