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The Best 2013 Gaming Laptops

December 2, 2012 by Meryll divider image

There are probably thousands of different laptops out there and choosing which one to buy with a limited budget can be very confusing. Most often, laptop users prefer getting the best performance for their money, but always end up being tempted by different laptop designs and ultra-portable features.

If you are going to use your laptop for extreme gaming, you will have to hold back the design and portability temptations and focus more on what kind of performance you can get from the machine–especially considering that gaming laptops are quite expensive. Spending a huge amount of money on the wrong laptop is definitely the last thing that we would want to do.

What Happens in 2013?

The first quarter of 2013 might be a great time to buy a new gaming laptop, since most of the best in the market this year are expected to drop down in prices as new and updated products hit the shelves. Early next year–particularly around CES in January–we will likely be bombarded with so many different laptop choices and choosing the best one could present a difficult dilemma even if you have lots of money to spend.

The most important things that will happen in gaming hardware in 2013 is the launch of new graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, and to some extent Intel launching the Haswell architecture.

AMD and Nvidia

As for the new GPUs, AMD will allegedly release the HD 8000M series during CES in January. It’s still unknown whether this is an all-new architecture (GCN 2) or an improvement of the current GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture. Or no improvement at all, which is also a distinct possibility. The same goes for Nvidia, but there’s no news of the GeForce manufacturer releasing a 700M series in the coming months, so that will likely take a while. The MX-series mobile GPUs were released not that long ago, so the Kepler architecture is unlikely to go out the door soon.

Intel’s Haswell

AMD is doing well in the graphics segment of the industry, but consistently fails to keep up with Intel in the CPU segment – a trend that will likely continue. As a result, the next big thing on the processor front is Intel’s Haswell, which is mostly an improvement of Ivy Bridge with much better integrated graphics. However, Intel’s IGP is not (and probably never will be) fast enough to compete with the dedicated graphics cards in high-end gaming laptops.

Other Stuff

The GPU or the graphics processing unit has always been the biggest factor in a gaming laptop and will continue to be so. Since most games these days use heavy graphics, possibly including 3D technologies, it is very important that you make sure that your new laptop supports high settings graphics your favorite games. Choose a laptop GPU that supports all the latest display technologies. The CPU is not as important to consider as the GPU, especially for gaming, but if you will also be making use of your laptop for other stuff besides gaming it is not inconsequential.

RAM and storage are two major are also somewhat important when choosing a gaming laptop. Although some people say that 4GB RAM is already adequate for a laptop, it is not really ideal for even booting up a PC with Windows 8. Gaming laptops these days should have at least 8GB RAM at 1600MHz and dual-channel. As for the storage, most gaming laptops will still have 750 GB to 1 TB Hard Disk Drives in 2013, but they are increasingly equipped with secondary storage in the form of a Solid State Drive. A speedy SSD makes a great deal of difference in removing all those annoying loading times.

Then of course, to complement those specifications, you should make sure that you choose a gaming laptop that has a good display and audio. The size of the screen matters. Although there are some who are comfortable with a 14-inch display, 17 inches remains the most popular size in a gaming laptop. Resolutions may increase beyond Full HD (1920×1080) in 2013, though.


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