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Play Android Games on Your Laptop

January 6, 2013 by Meryll divider image

There are currently so many newer and more interesting games that can only be played exclusively on some operating systems. Since the past few years have been focused on mobile smartphones and tablet PCs, it is also inevitable that most of the recently developed games are exclusive to operating systems that they are designed for. With this, it is not surprising for your teenagers to start forgetting about their extremely expensive gaming laptops and start bothering you for a new tablet PC or mobile smartphone. They would probably start asking when they discover that there are better games on those gadgets like the Temple Run, Farm Invasion, Alchemy and Dinosaur War.

The thing is; you can’t always buy your teens the gadget they want every time something new crops out of the technology world. It is extremely expensive and it could tear your budget really bad. Before you decide to buy a new gadget for your teen just so he could play the game he wants, find out what game it is and to what OS it is compatible with.

Android is among the most widely used operating systems of so many computer manufacturers these days. It is a Linux-based OS primarily designed for touchscreen mobile smartphones and tablet PCs. It is not for laptops, unfortunately. It is also among those OS that has the most number of very interesting games. But don’t fret! It may not be designed for laptops, but it does not say that its applications or games cannot be used for your teen’s gaming laptops.

If your teen starts telling you to dump his gaming laptop because he wants an Android tablet PC instead where he can play Temple Run, tell him you’ll get the Temple Run but not the tablet PC. Yes! It is possible.

Android games can now be played on gaming laptops through an emulator. An emulator is software that can imitate the functions of an Android OS. One of the most popular and safe emulators that you can use to import Android games into your laptop is the BlueStacks App Player. BlueStacks is an emulator compatible with Windows and Mac OS.  It allows us to bring all the Android applications and games into our gaming laptops. We can play the game just the same as we play them on touchscreen mobile smartphones and tablet PCs.

To download BlueStacks, you would simply have to cloud connect your gaming laptop and the emulator by using the cloud connect application which is also provided by BlueStacks. It is definitely going to be compatible to your gaming laptop since it has very few system requirements. With its file size of 3.81MB, you would only need to have around 2GB of RAM which is a lot less than what your laptop probably has. This is also totally free to download.

With emulators like BlueStacks App Player, you can download or purchase all Android games that your teens would probably want, so there is no reason to go all-in on tablets just yet…

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